Russian Poets was Poets was an album by Tampere-based band UTU. Russian Poets is their third release, and I was honored to work as a producer and a mixing engineer for the project.

UTU is: Petra Poutanen (vocals, guzheng, kantele), Teemu Kiiskilä (guitar electronics), Iida Savolainen (viola), Margit Urantowka (piano, melodika, sansula), Aku-Pekka A. Kurjenniemi (drums, percussion, glockenspiel), Tony Sikström (upright bass, sampler, electronics, EWI) – Katri Antikainen (cello, electric cello). The album was recorded by Mikko Renfors and Joonas Outakoski, produced and mixed my Joonas Outakoski. Russian Poets was mastered by Minerva Pappi.




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