Sometimes time is money. When deadlines are drawing closer or expertise is out of range, it is ideal to outsource certain tasks to a subcontractor. I’m here, standing by! Aave Sound can do various sound design and music production tasks, always with the highest standards, always responsive, always on schedule!

Media Houses and Advertising Agencies

  • Audio from sound logos to full soundtracks
  • Music production for advertising films
  • Video sound editing, mixing and finalizing
  • Dialogue/speech recording

Music Producers and Audio Engineers

  • Creating tracks for larger production, including strings and orchestral arrangements
  • Arranging and recording backing vocals
  • Editing Pro Tools sessions
  • Fixing time issues in takes
  • Preparing Pro Tools sessions for mixing
  • Tuning and editing vocal takes with Melodyne Studio
  • Cleaning up noisy or otherwise compromised takes with iZotope RX6

Read more about what I can do in terms of sound design, music production and post production, or check out my portfolio for references and examples!

Most of the work can usually be done by online file transfer. Some cases need face-to-face communication. Don’t hesitate to contact me to figure out the best workflow.