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Sound. There are small changes in air pressure everywhere around us. Some of them are very noticeable, some of them come in one ear and go out the other. Nevertheless, sound is always present affecting us in various ways: it alerts us in the street, it calms us down in the park or forest, or takes us to another place and time when listening to music. It can even punch a message in our faces when a commercial break blares on TV.

The most thrilling and influential stories come with sound. Because sound evokes emotions subconsciously, it can affect our deepest feelings. When sound tells your story, it is your message which gets under our skin.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or enterprise, a commercial or non-profit organisation, an NGO or a public office – if you have a message, let’s make it count!

Your story…

Your story is not just a string of words (it can be just words, yes, I’ll get back to this later), but an effort to influence your audience on multiple levels. Because your story has a rhythm, a tone and a mood, sound is the perfect delivery tool.

Through careful preparation Aave Sound can effortlessly achieve the goal of telling your story how it needs to be told. Various tools, such as web surveys, reference materials and interviews, can be used to narrow down the essence of your message. They also ensure that the final product sounds just as smooth, fierce, modern, calming or energetic as you are.

…as you like it!

Based on your needs, Aave Sound offers services from turnkey projects to customised, interactive content creation. If you want hassle free production with minimal effort or to be involved from the beginning to the very end, we plan the production so that it suits your timetable and budget.

“Okay, so I need sound to tell my story, but where do I put that sound? Send out a CD?”

Yes, I knew you were going to ask. No one wants to get emails with background music, even links that make funny blobbing sounds drive us crazy in seconds.

Sound is the perfect message booster for your newsflashes, slideshows and presentations. It is also a fundamental part of introductory films and advertisement videos.

Sound for your Featured Video

Aave Sound cooperates with talented filmmakers and video content creators to create rich, thought-provoking and influential videos for communication with your audience, customers and stakeholders. We provide convenient in-house sound production for video projects, which can include music, dialogue/speech recording or editing of existing material.

Sound for your Presentation

Perhaps you have tried many ways to boost a presentation with sound, starting from stock music catalogues with loads of “motivational” or other descriptively named tracks. If you have time to browse through the samples, you may find something that resonates with your purpose.

Unlike the generic catalogues, Aave Sound provides custom-made, premium soundtracks for your use, ensuring an exclusive sound to make your presentation stand out from the masses.

Sound for Commercial Advertisements (TV, Radio, Internet)

When it comes to commercial advertising, it is crucial to be unique among the myriad of other commercials. With careful planning, Aave Sound can help your product or service attract the attention and distinction it deserves.

Make Yourself Heard!

Clearly, you want your audience to hear what you have to say to them. But the first person you need to make listen to you is your sound designer. A good sound designer takes your message, translates it to sound and music and helps you make yourself heard.

Feel free to contact me, or read further to hear what I can do for you!

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