Theatre and Performing Arts

One of the cornerstones of my work is sound design for various theatre groups. Since 2012 I have created sound design and/or music for over 15 plays and performances. My expertise is based on a combination of both music and theatre studies at Uniarts Helsinki (Master of Music 2013, Master of Theatre Arts 2016).

I consider theatre as the perfect playground to merge various forms of art and different techniques and technical applications. Theatre is capable of taking over locations and sites, reaching different age groups and handling subjects and moods on many levels of awareness.

Sound as I see, or hear it,  is at the most profound level of that awareness. It affects the audience unconsciously and therefore is capable of telling stories at a much deeper level than just words or images. My goal is always to find that level, understand the position or role of sound for each project, and reach for the sound design that supports the overall theme.

Kolga (2017) interpreted a poem into the language of music and physical theatre. In the photo: Sanna Kurki-Suonio (left) and Ulla Raitio. Photo: Joonas Outakoski. An Lab Theatre, Dingle, Ireland.

Working in Theatre

Theatre is a one-of-a-kind working environment. It is a location or situation in which a group of artists join together to create something never seen before. My heart is truly in theatre, where people collectively  push towards the miracle of opening night.

Depending on the project, I take on different roles in sound design. They vary from music composer all the way to system designer. I am at my best in a production where the sound has an organic, elemental role in the ensemble. I love to feel the space, sense the rhythm of the play or performance, and adjust the physics of the scene.

Music technology is my right hand (I am a lefty), an essential tool for creating things. I always try to challenge myself to find new solutions and approaches to a project through technology. I have in-depth knowledge of many technical matters, so that won’t be the issue stalling the production.

Ole hyvä (2013) was a contemporary theatre performance. The sound design was forged from the recorded sounds made by the performers and played back from 21 speakers hanging around the space. In the photo: Elina Keinonen (left), Iida-Maria Heinonen. Photo: Joonas Outakoski. Theatre Academy Helsinki, Finland.

Best of Both Worlds

My background is in music, so it is quite common to hear musical elements in my sound design. Yet I consider sound design and music as different sides of the same coin. I can hear music in random noise, as the musical notes are more like organized sounds. I fluently balance between these two to make an emotional, supportive or thought provoking sound design.

Transfinlandia (2014) was a semi-documentary theatre play written by Paula Vesala. The sound design in the first half of the show consisted mainly of music played on the harmonium, while the second half deployed a multi-speaker system with surreal atmospheres. In the photo: Petja/Petra (played by Miila Virtanen) is about to perform with the harmonium. Photo: Joonas Outakoski. Media Center Lume, Helsinki, Finland.

Different Shapes and Sizes

As you know, no project is similar. They come with different resources, timetables, specifications and artistic ambitions. Adapting to each work and workgroup is the key to a successful project.

Do not hesitate to contact me, should you need a sound designer/composer for your project, or consulting on technical and artistic matters.

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