Aave Sound provides a wide range of customised sound and music services and products for several purposes. The man behind Aave Sound — sound designer, music producer and composer Joonas Outakoski — has a wide range of expertise, which gives the company one of its most important features, the ability to handle complex multi-phase projects in-house. Whether you are an organisation, a theatre group, a music maker, or just outsourcing tasks in your own project, you will always get hassle-free communication, effortless P2P planning and fast delivery, without forgetting the highest standard of sound and music content, of course.

For Main Contractors

Audio, from sound logos to full soundtracks Music Production Video Sound Editing, Mixing and Finalizing Dialogue/Speech Recording

Your Ideas, Refined

All stages of music production: production planning, co-writing, arranging, recording, editing, and mixing. For songwriters, musicians, bands and music producers.

Your Message under their Skin

Whether you are an entrepreneur or enterprise, commercial or non-profit, NGO or public administration – if you have a message, make it heard!

Theatre Sound from the Heart

Theatre: a perfect playground to merge various forms of art, different techniques and technical applications. Adapting myself to each task and workgroup is the key to a successful project.