UHR1.KUVA is a demo related to Myllyteatteri’s future performance UHRI 6+1 KUVAA

In UHR1.KUVA we are exploring possible soundscapes, performative aesthetics and themes for the future performance.

Both the demo and the final performance are influenced and inspired by Andreij Tarkovsky’s last film SACRIFICE from 1986. In SACRIFICE the main character Alexander faces a situation where he has to sacrifice the material and social frames of his everyday life to protect and save something more valuable – the life on this planet. The news of an inevitable nuclear war work as a borderline situation where questions of responsibility, ethics and imperative actions rise to the surface.

In the performance we will approach these questions from the standpoint of both instrumental and intrinsic value. We want to connect these themes also to the contemporary discussion about artificial intelligence, robotics and their possible influences on humanity and the society we live in.

In our performance the physical expressivity of the performers and the soundscape are in central focus. The performers – three musicians, two actors and two acrobats – and the visual designer form an ensemble in which each movement, word and musical note create an audiovisual composition. We want to create rich visual imagery where spacial elements and relations, body shapes, dynamics of movement and soundscape have a strong impact on the audience.

The demo has been created by a small group of artists that are part of the future performance UHRI 6+1 KUVAA. The director Jaakko Kiljunen is on stage, whereas the musicians Joonas Outakoskiand Jusu Berghäll form the rest of the team.

Arts Promotion Center Finland has donated the group a grant for further development of the performance as well as for working on the demo UHR1.KUVA.


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