Äänisäde-palkinto 2019: Mun siivet ei mahdu kahvihuoneeseen

Nöyrimmät kiitokset tästä tunnustuksesta! Kiitos työryhmälle, Cirkolle ja Juhlaviikoille.

“Äänisuunnittelija Joonas Outakoskelle teoksen Mun siivet ei mahdu kahvihuoneeseen äänisuunnittelusta Cirko – Uuden sirkuksen keskukseen.

Äänisuunnittelu on esimerkillisen laadukas ja ihailtavan taitavasti toteutettu. Ääni on tärkeä ja irroittamaton osa teoksen kokonaiskerrontaa. Musiikki vie syvälle tarinaan ja on samaan aikaan koskettava ja leikkisä. Teoksen äänimaailma liimautuu saumattomasti yhteen näyttämöteoksen tarinan kanssa, tukien roolihahmojen jännitteitä ja tunnelmia ottaen kuitenkin tarvittaessa oman tilansa ja aikansa.

Säde-palkinnot ovat kunniamainintoja, joita jaetaan ansioituneesta valo-, ääni- ja videosuunnittelusta. Palkintoja on jaettu vuodesta 2007 alkaen.

Thalia-juhlassa Tampereella 9.3.2020, Suomen valo-, ääni- ja videosuunnittelijat ry:n hallitus SVÄV”

Russian Poets – from UTU with Love

Tampere-based band UTU released their long-awaited album Russian Poets yesterday at Tampere-talo. Theirs was not just another run-of-the-mill album release, but included a complete art exhibition as well as a book documenting the album-making process. I was honoured to work with the band, especially singer-songwriter-lyricist Petra Poutanen-Hurme, producing and mixing the album.

From my point of view, this was quite the journey to there and back again. The amount of work involved in this kind of project is beyond measure. As Petra and I, two perfectionists, put our heads together, it occasionally felt like a never-ending story. But our long hours of work paid off, as every detail of the album sounds exactly how we want it to sound.

It was great to discover how easily my approach and UTU’s sound ideals melded together. I was very pleased to work in my own area of expertise, doing what I do best, all the while giving the band the sauce for their beef, as it were, according to their specifications.

UTU has been considered the “best-kept secret of Tampere.” After yesterday’s spectacle, they shouldn’t be. As Helsingin Sanomat stated, the project was probably one of the biggest cultural ventures produced outside an established institution. If Petra and UTU keep going, only the sky is the limit!


The winners of the International Teresa Pomodoro prize? Yes, that’s us.

Kolga, a performance by Myllyteatteri won Premio Internazional “Il Teatro Nudo” di Teresa Pomodoro, in Milan, Italy last week. The group was awarded with a sculpture by Carlo Ramous (1926-2003), an Italian sculptor.

Kolga was invited to participate the the contest last year. We visited Milan in May 2017, and performed the show twice at Teatro Spazio No’hma.

The performances were evalued by a jury of experts, including Eugenio Barba (Odin theatre), Lev Dodin (Mali-theatre), Tadashi Suzuki (SCOT, Japan), Ruth Heynen (Union des Theatres de l’Europe) and Enzo Moscato (Italy) Luis Pasqual (Spain). The President of the jury was Livia Pomodoro.

The Kolga workgroup is: Miira Sippola, Joonas Outakoski, Mia Simanainen, Sanna Kurki-Suonio, Jaakko Kiljunen, Henna Kaikula, Ulla Raitio, Saku Mäkelä and Luca Sirviö.

The Performance Station. As the sound design of Kolga is based mostly on performing live with the synthetizers and Ableton Live, it was quite natural step to move the whole workstation to the stage. Photo: Joonas Outakoski

Kolga was originally performed at Arkadia International Bookshop, Helsinki. In the spring 2017 it was renewed for an European tour, which included performances at Feile an Bealtanaine festival in Dingle, Ireland and aforementioned Teatro Spazio Nohma, Milan, Italy.

Kolga is planning to continue  touring Europe next summer and return to Helsinki along with the celebration of Myllyteatteri’s 15th anniversary.

Ground Control. The setup consists of Ableton Live running on the laptop, controlled with Push 2, TouchAble on iPad and Arturia Keystep (small enough keyboard with sustain pedal jack). On the right is modular synth, based on Make Noise Shared System and Mutable Instruments Yarns, Rings and Clouds. Clouds was used for vocal processing, and as the Italian sound technician didn’t mute my channels after the performance, the whole prize ceremony was picked by an open mic on stage, fed to the Cloulds and to the PA system. Photo: Joonas Outakoski
Joonas Outakoski (me), Saku Mäkelä, Mia Simanainen, Henna Kaikula and Luca Sirviö. And Continuitá, sculpture by Carlo Ramous. Photo: Joonas Outakoski

New website open!

After weeks switching between WordPress Templates and tens of support chats, my new site is finally at stage, where I can say it is somewhat ready. I am so excited! Of course there are still details to polish here and there, but the main frames are now set!

My intention and the purpose of this site is to share things I do in the domain of theatre, sound design and music. There are also section for new or existing customers, who need services in sound and music. Browse trough to see and hear more!

In the portfolio you can dive deeper into the projects I’ve done. The portfolio is still under construction, as I’m still figuring out the best way to share audio content in a way it is as demonstrative and easy to embrace. I will figure out something soon!

I love the pictures by Mitro Härkönen and Kristiina Männikkö. They really know how to tell a story.

Thank you for tuning in!

Joonas / Aave Sound